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Forum #ConstitutiON: Public Trust and the New Justice

You are cordially invited to participate in a Forum #ConstitutiON: Public Trust and the New Justice, which will be held on December 14, 2015 from 10.00 AM to 13.30 PM (registration begins at 9.30 AM) at the Parus business centre, 2 Mechnikova Street (entrance from Lesia Ukrainka Avenue), Kyiv.

How to ensure the transparency of the constitutional process, to involve the public in this process and to take into account the society’s demands for changes? How to push for the launch of a comprehensive judicial reform? How to not waste the chance to reform the prosecution? How to achieve a consensus in the Parliament and to ensure the public confidence in proposed reforms?

The leading constitutional experts, representatives of the CSOs, members of the Constitutional Commission, Parliament members, representatives of the judiciary and the prosecutor’s office, foreign embassies and international organisations have been invited to participate in the Forum to discuss these urgent issues.

We believe that an open public discussion involving media representatives will promote appropriate implementation of constitutional and judicial reforms. Broad discussion will contribute to resolving the problematic issues and ensuring the widespread public support for the implementation of these reforms.

Please confirm your participation by replying to this letter or by completing the registration form at

Please find the program of the Forum attached!

For more information, please contact

Andriy Andrushkiv at 096-609-59-76 or

Olga Goloborodko at 096-466-92-10.