Diplomatic breakfast “Results of the Supreme Court Competition: Public Evaluation of its Future Composition”

We would like to cordially invite you to the diplomatic breakfast “Results of the Supreme Court Competition: Public Evaluation of its Future Composition”, which will take place on August 3 (Thursday), at 10:00 am – 12:00 am.

On July 27, the High Qualification Commission of Judges (HQCJ) published the list of 120 winners of the competition for the offices in the new Supreme Court. Despite the fact that the HQCJ presents the outcome as a major success of the judicial reform, the actual result is not so promising: in fact, 30 candidates out of 120 (one-quarter of the new Supreme Court composition) have received negative opinions of the Public Integrity Council and do not meet the criteria of integrity and professional ethics. Besides that, only 20% of the shortlisted candidates come from outside the system (attorneys and legal scholars), while 80% are incumbent or former judges.

While the publication of the ranking by the HQCJ was the most crucial and long-awaited stage of the competition, it is not the end of the process. The next step would be for the High Council of Justice to scrutinize the HQCJ’ candidacies and make the final decision on them, before the appointment of the Supreme Court judges is made by the President.

So how can the actual results of the competition be assessed by the public? Who are those candidates who have a good chance to enter the Supreme Court, despite the negative opinions of the Public Integrity Council? Is there any possibility to alter the list of the would-be judges of the Supreme Court at this point? And, finally, can we count on the new quality of justice with this Supreme Court composition?

These and other questions will be discussed by the following experts:

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