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Proposals of the RPR Concerning the Agenda of the
February 6-9, 2018

Priorities of the week

To cancel electronic declaration for civil society activists by adopting either draft law No.3271, proposed by MPs, or President’s draft law No.6674 (providing that discrimination provisions are removed).

To adopt as a basis

Метою законопроекту є надання права недержавним пенсійним фондам, які мають статус неприбуткових організацій, бути включеними (не виключеними) в Реєстр неприбуткових установ та організацій без внесення змін до їх статутів.

To adopt as a basis

The draft law stipulates provision of compensation for renting an accommodation for servicemen of common, sergeant and officer composition of military service under contract.

The draft law is designed to strengthen the rights of creditors, including banks, which are in legal relations related to mortgage (surety and pledge), at the stage of foreclosure on the collateral in particular. It regulates the legislative gaps used by the debtors to avoid fulfillment of their obligations.

Setting the scope and the procedure of strategic environmental assessment mechanism for cross-border consultations, informing about the decision adopted and monitoring the impact of implementation of the state planning document on the environment.