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Proposals of the RPR Concerning the Agenda of the
Plenary Week November 20-23, 2018

The Draft Law introduces a system for the registration and identification for domestic animals as well as captive wild animals for the purpose of ensuring their responsible treatment and details the competences of state authorities and local self-government bodies in the issues related to animal protection.

To adopt as a basis

Метою законопроекту є надання права недержавним пенсійним фондам, які мають статус неприбуткових організацій, бути включеними (не виключеними) в Реєстр неприбуткових установ та організацій без внесення змін до їх статутів.

To adopt as a basis

The goal of the draft law is to ensure a high level of protection of human health, especially that of children and youth, as well as implement Ukraine’s commitments under the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). The objective of the draft law is to improve regulations of the laws that prohibit tobacco consumption in public places, advertising and promotion of smoking, as well as to strengthen the responsibility for such offenses.

To adopt as a basis

The draft law envisages introduction of a mandatory simplified mechanism for below-threshold procurements from 50,000 UAH, as well as clarifies certain provisions of the Law, in particular with regard to procurement appeals procedure. The draft law provides for the possibility of eliminating inaccuracies in the documentation of procurement participants and clarifies provisions for concluding framework agreements.

To adopt in full

The draft law aims to introduce a business ombudsman institution in Ukraine on the legislative level as an independent third party assisting business entities in protecting their right to entrepreneurial activity.