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Proposals of the RPR Concerning the Agenda of the
Plenary Week 2 July – 5 July, 2019
To adopt in full

Creating a single unified legal framework for the preparation and conduct of election in Ukraine in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine and the recommendations of international organizations.

The purpose of this draft law is to ensure a systematic update of the Law of Ukraine “On Service in Local Self-Government Bodies”, in particular regarding: – regulation of the status of local self-government officials and elected officials of local self-government; – ensuring the political neutrality of local self-government  officials; – harmonization of the framework of service in local self-government bodies with the conceptual approaches established by the Law of Ukraine “On Civil Service”.

The bill defines the basic principles of the administrative-territorial organization of Ukraine, the procedure for the formation, liquidation, establishment and change of the boundaries of administrative-territorial units. Improves the procedures in the issues of the administrative-territorial system and is key to the implementation of the reform of local self-government

The draft law aims, in particular: to fulfill the international obligations of Ukraine defined in the Association Agreement with the EU (implementation of the 4th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive) and cooperation with NATO; to meet the conditions for receiving the 2nd tranche of the EU macro-financial assistance (500 million EUR), mandatory criterium – deadline – February 2019; to fulfill the terms of the Memorandum on Economic and Financial Policies with the IMF. Deadline – March 2019

The draft law brings respective legislation in line with the Law “On Civil Service”. It provides for the unification of approaches to the civil service in all public bodies and, thus, foresees amendments to around 30 laws of Ukraine.

Will ensure increase in the efficiency of the state regulatory policy aimed at creating an effective mechanism of state regulation and supervision, reduction of expenses of financial institutions caused by excessive and ineffective state regulation, competition in the financial market, prevention of unscrupulous companies’ operation.

To adopt as a basis

The draft law will allow the NACP to receive direct automatic access to registers and databases, necessary to conduct automatic verification of information specified in e-declarations. The draft law is aimed to improve effectiveness of the NACP work.