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Proposals of the RPR Concerning the Agenda of the
Plenary Week September 18-21, 2018

Priorities of the week

  • Appoint professional and untainted members of the Central Election Commission.
To adopt in full

The draft law is designed to provide the public with access to full and objective information about the payments of the business entities engaged in the extractive industries in favor of payees, creating conditions for a socially responsible use of the minerals of national importance by such entities.

To adopt in full

The draft law stipulates increasing the fines for violating the rules for using seat belts and motorcycles from 3 times the individual income tax exemption (51 UAH) to 50 times the individual income tax exemption (850 UAH) and aims to reduce mortality and injury rates on the roads of Ukraine by promoting the use of seat belts and motorcycle helmets. This will increase safety of drivers and passengers, and will protect their lives and health.

To adopt as a basis

The draft law envisages clarification of the composition of administrative offences according to the article 166-10 of Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses. It will help to resolve the problem of systemic violation of authorization authorities through the extension of the range of individuals authorized to draft administrative protocols.

To adopt as a basis

The goal of the draft law is to ensure a high level of protection of human health, especially that of children and youth, as well as implement Ukraine’s commitments under the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). The objective of the draft law is to improve regulations of the laws that prohibit tobacco consumption in public places, advertising and promotion of smoking, as well as to strengthen the responsibility for such offenses.

To adopt as a basis

The draft law foresees mechanisms to mitigate the issues that arose in the process of reforming state and municipal printed media, in particular to overcome sabotage by the authorities, provide a second chance to decide on the reform strategy, protect against the dismissal of editors-in-chief for the period of reform.

To adopt as a basis

Метою законопроекту є надання права недержавним пенсійним фондам, які мають статус неприбуткових організацій, бути включеними (не виключеними) в Реєстр неприбуткових установ та організацій без внесення змін до їх статутів.

To adopt in full

The draft law 1) abolishes licensing of export and import of ethyl alcohol, cognac spirit, fruit alcohol, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco goods as an overregulation, as it is already regulated by licensing of retail and wholesale trade; 2) abolishes financial penalties for the failure to submit reports in this sphere as such that unduly restrict retail.

The draft law brings respective legislation in line with the Law “On Civil Service”. It provides for the unification of approaches to the civil service in all public bodies and, thus, foresees amendments to around 30 laws of Ukraine.

It is proposed to delegate the authority to register civil status acts to local self-government bodies. Today, in cities of oblast subordination and in district centers, these powers are retained by the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Justice. Delegation of these powers to local self-government bodies will allow providing these administrative services more efficiently, including through the Center for the Provision of Administrative Services.

Threats of the week

  • Законопроект #4835-д, який пропонує встановити економічний стимул у вигляду «зеленого тарифу» для спалювання відходів, що не відповідає директивам ЄС у цій сфері.