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Proposals of the RPR Concerning the Agenda of the
Plenary Week May 22-25, 2018

Priorities of the week

  • Appoint professional and untainted members of the Central Election Commission.
To adopt as a basis

The draft law envisages clarification of the composition of administrative offences according to the article 166-10 of Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses. It will help to resolve the problem of systemic violation of authorization authorities through the extension of the range of individuals authorized to draft administrative protocols.

To adopt as a basis

Метою законопроекту є надання права недержавним пенсійним фондам, які мають статус неприбуткових організацій, бути включеними (не виключеними) в Реєстр неприбуткових установ та організацій без внесення змін до їх статутів.

To adopt in full

The draft law 1) abolishes licensing of export and import of ethyl alcohol, cognac spirit, fruit alcohol, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco goods as an overregulation, as it is already regulated by licensing of retail and wholesale trade; 2) abolishes financial penalties for the failure to submit reports in this sphere as such that unduly restrict retail.

The goal of the draft law is to improve the system of personal identification of police officers, which will increase the transparency of the provision of police services, increase the effectiveness of rights protection by citizens, and reduce the number of cases of abuse of power, misuse of power and official negligence by the police.

Establishment of a system for the personal identification of military personnel of the National Guard of Ukraine engaged in the public order and public security maintenance. This will increase the effectiveness of rights protection by citizens and reduce the number of cases of abuse of power, misuse of power and official negligence by NGU military personnel.

Threats of the week

  • Draft law 6681, which contradicts the standards of Council of Europe regarding the guarantees for the editorial independence of public broadcasting.
  • Draft law #4835-d, which proposes to set an economic stimulus in a form of “green tariff” for waste incineration that is not in compliance with the EU directives.
  • Draft law #4836, which introduces double taxation for packaging manufacturers.
  • Draft law #4837, which envisages establishment of territorial monopolies in the sphere of waste management and selection of a contractor on the non-competition basis.