Achievements of the RPR Coalition Members

The experts of the Reanimation Package of Reforms not only take part in the preparation of dozens of draft laws in the key areas of state-building changes, but also encourage the executive and the legislative authorities to implement them and monitor the process of implementation. The RPR coalition members and the experts have already succeeded in producing important changes. In particular:
Formation of an independent system of agencies in charge of investigating high-profile corruption: the National Anticorruption Bureau and the Specialized Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office. (Anti-corruption Action Center)
Launch and maintenance of the online system of public procurement Prozorro. (Transparency International Ukraine)
Launch of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, introduction of the system of state financing of political parties and public monitoring of the transparency of party finances. (Centre “EIDOS”, Transparency International Ukraine, Centre of Policy and Legal Reform)
Introduction of electronic system for disclosure of assets, income, and expenditures of public officials. (Anti-corruption Action Center, Centre “EIDOS”, Transparency International Ukraine)
Development of the legislative framework and assistance with the amalgamation of territorial communities, considerable expansion of their financial and administrative capabilities. (Civil Society Institute, Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research)
Establishment of the market price for gas for the consumers, which has paved the way for introducing market relations in this field. (Civil Network OPORA, DiXi Group, All-Ukrainian Sustainable Development and Investments Agency, Association “Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine”, Network of Energy Innovations “Greencubator”, National Ecological Centre of Ukraine, Association on Energy Efficiency and Energy)
Delegation of the Healthcare Ministry’s functions related to the procurement of medicines to well-known international organizations (UNDP, UNICEF, Crown Agents), which resulted in the increased competition, lower purchasing prices, and savings amounting to UAH 760 million. (Anti-corruption Action Center)
Making governmental databases on the owners of real estate, land plots, and transport vehicles public. Formalizing a new EU practice of mandatory disclosure of information about the ultimate beneficiary (controller) of a legal entity in an open governmental registry. (Anti-corruption Action Center)
Participation in the development of constitutional and legislative amendments within the judicial reform, in particular aiming at cleansing the judicial system of professionally unethical judges; establishment of the Public Integrity Council. (Centre of Policy and Legal Reform)
Providing a legislative framework to ensure functioning of electronic petitions to the authorities or local self-government bodies. (Centre for Innovations Development at NaUKMA)
Launch of the civil service reform: separation of political and administrative offices, introduction of an institute of state secretaries. (Centre of Policy and Legal Reform)
Establishment of a public broadcaster – the National Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company of Ukraine – based on the principles of independence from authorities and accountability to the public. (Center for Democracy and Rule of Law, Detector Media)
Introduction of annual disclosure of the property structure and ultimate beneficiaries of television and radio channels. (Center for Democracy and Rule of Law, Detector Media)
Introduction of a comprehensive system of identification, management, and disposal of seized and confiscated illegallyacquired assets. (Anti-corruption Action Center, Transparency International Ukraine, Centre “EIDOS”)
Active involvement in the implementation of reforms within the Visa Liberalization Action Plan with the EU. (Anti-corruption Action Center, Transparency International Ukraine, Institute of World Policy, Europe Without Barriers, Institute for Euro- Atlantic Cooperation, Centre “EIDOS”, Centre of Policy and Legal Reform)
Unblocking the launch of a competitive market of thirdgeneration mobile technologies 3G.
Launch of the system of public finance transparency, assistance with the development and launch of “E-Data”, a unified web portal on the use of public funds. (Centre “EIDOS”)
The RPR has prepared this analytical report using the materials of the Transparency International Ukraine, the Anticorruption Action Center, CF “Patients of Ukraine”, the Eidos Center for Political Studies and Analysis, the Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research, and the Center for Economic Strategy.