Who we are

The Reanimation Package of Reforms is the largest coalition of leading non-governmental organizations and experts from all over Ukraine who have pooled their efforts to facilitate and implement reforms.
The RPR also functions as a coordination center for 83 non-governmental organizations and 22 expert groups which develop, promote, and control implementation of the reforms. The number of coalition members is constantly growing.
To ensure that dozens of NGOs can cooperate effectively, we have developed the RPR Charter. These are the rules regulating the activity of the platform, as well as internal relations and management between the participants of the coalition.
We are setting ambitious reformation goals and – to reach them – have prepared the RPR Strategy.
Our strategic task is to consolidate public efforts, turn the public into a subject of policy-making, promote and control implementation of the reforms, as well as organize public awareness campaigns regarding these transformations for the Ukrainian society and the international community.
We are working to make Ukraine a state
The priorities of the RPR activity for 2016-17 cover seven major areas: judicial and anticorruption reforms, decentralization, reform of public administration and law enforcement agencies, change of the election law, and key economic transformations.
Moreover, we are working hard to bring about high-quality changes in the field of media, healthcare and environmental protection, public finance, energy, e-government, national security, national remembrance policy, science, culture, education, youth policy, and others.
We have successfully become a unique platform uniting experts and progressive public figures who are willing and, most importantly, are really able to change the country. And are moving towards this goal step by step.
Despite huge resistance of the system, the RPR has already proved its efficiency and continues to work on the introduction of systemic state-building changes.
The RPR has built trusting relationships with key embassies and international organizations. With the support of the international community, Ukraine managed to achieve significant results in the key areas of change and to speed up reforms.