RPR coalition sent to the President draft law abolishing detrimental clauses on assets disclosure for anti-corruption activists.

The coalition of NGOs – the Reanimation Package of Reforms – has developed and submitted to the President’s Administration a draft law to abolish discriminatory and unconstitutional clauses obliging anti-corruption activists to submit e-declarations. Such obligations entered into force after the adoption of the Law of Ukraine “On amendments to some laws of Ukraine concerning the peculiarities of financial control of certain categories of officials”” No. 1975-VІІІ of 23.03.2017.
The goal of RPR’s document is to remove regulations on the financial control which violate human rights and democratic principles.
The Reanimation Package of Reforms calls on the President to immediately introduce this draft law to the Parliament as the urgent one. RPR coalition finds no need to participate in the working group initiated by the Presidential administration until the detrimental undemocratic clauses attacking civil society sector won’t be abolished.
Comparative table – PDF (EN)
Full text of the draft law – PDF (UKR)