The Public Calls on the Verkhovna Rada to Be Open and Responsible while Reforming the Election Law

Reform of the election law is one of the priorities in the reboot of the Ukrainian political system. In the Coalition Agreement of 2014, five deputy factions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the eighth convocation acknowledged the necessity to introduce comprehensive amendments to the laws on parliamentary and local elections as soon as possible.

Despite the changes in the membership of the Coalition, the public expects the political parties to keep their promises and introduce an open party list proportional electoral system for parliamentary elections, as has been agreed by all major political players.

At the same time, the Reanimation Package of Reforms would like to draw attention to the lack of publicity in the processing of the draft laws on the election law reform and the lack of necessary discussion. In particular, non-governmental organizations are concerned about the fact that five draft laws, including two Electoral Codes, were submitted to the Parliament on February 22, 2017, without recommendations of the Committee on Legal Policy and Justice.

Such an evasive attitude of the subject committee will make it harder to search for consensus and to select an electoral system meeting the needs of social development of Ukraine, which – in the long term – might impede or even roll back the expected reform of the electoral system.

The RPR calls on: