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Proposals of the RPR Concerning the Agenda of the Plenary Week March 21-24, 2017

We urge the Parliament to appoint the NABU auditor in full compliance with the Parliamentary procedure, which meets the requirements of the Law “On the National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine”.

Experts demand to include the amendments, proposed by the public, into the draft law No. 3498 regarding regulated markets and derivatives, which can increases the administrative burden on financial and commodity markets, if adopted in the current version.

6011 To adopt as a basis

The draft law provides for establishment of the system of independent anticorruption courts and for a special transparent selection procedure for their judges with participation of international partners of Ukraine. This draft law is one of Ukraine’s commitments within the framework of the IMF programs. The RPR recommends to adopt it in the first reading, with a subsequent consideration of MPs’ proposals.

4941-д To adopt as a basis

The goal of the draft law is to lay down the principles of activity to ensure energy efficiency of buildings and to shape conditions for the rational consumption of energy resources. According to the draft law, the objects of construction and the existing buildings shall undergo energy efficiency certification to determine its actual parameters and assess whether they meet the minimum requirements for the energy efficiency of buildings.

4549 To adopt in full

The goal of the draft law is to ensure functioning of an effective mechanism of energy service procurement in comlpliance with the Law of Ukraine “On public procurement”; to specify regulations of the Law of Ukraine “On introduction of new investment opportunities and safeguarding the rights and the legitimate interests of businesses to conduct large-scale energy modernization”; to boost development of the energy service market in Ukraine; to meet Ukraine’s obligations under Directive 2012/27/EU.

4644 To adopt in full

To ensure a proper level of safety in the course of transportation of dangerous goods by automobile, railway, and river transport, it is necessary to harmonize the standards of dangerous goods transportation with the European ones through revising the national law in this sphere, in particular, the regulations on the functions, obligations, and responsibilities of a person in charge of transportation of dangerous goods (consultant, advisor) and other participants of the process of dangerous goods transportation.

4194 To adopt in full

De jure, the use of stamp in Ukraine is voluntary, however, a number of regulatory acrs make it obligatory to use the stamp. In Ukraine, there is no control over the manufacture and storage of stamps, which makes its use senseless.

4526-д To adopt as a basis

The draft law was developed to implement the requirements of the Law of Ukraine of 10.12.2015 No.889-VIII “On civil service” and to harmonize the legislative acts regarding the Cabinet of Ministers and the central executive bodies with this Law. In particular, it concerns defining the functions of state secretaries, and delineation the functions, tasks and responsibilities of a minister, his deputies and state secretaries.