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Proposals of the RPR Concerning the Agenda of the Plenary Week December 19-22, 2017

According to the Regulation of the Verkhovna Rada, to withdraw draft law No. 6011 “On Anti-corruption Courts” in order to encourage the President of Ukraine to submit his draft law on anti-corruption courts.

To cancel electronic declaration for civil society activists by adopting either draft law No.3271, proposed by MPs, or President’s draft law No.6674 by the end of the year (providing that discrimination provisions are removed).

Reject draft law No. 4835-d, which proposes establishing an economic incentive in the form of a “green tariff” for waste incineration, which does not correspond to EU Directives in this area.

6229 To adopt as a basis

The draft law is designed to provide the public with access to full and objective information about the payments of the business entities engaged in the extractive industries in favor of payees, creating conditions for a socially responsible use of the minerals of national importance by such entities.

6534 To adopt as a basis

The draft law aims at granting a right to non-state pension funds with the status of non-profit organizations to be included (and not excluded) in the Registry of Non-profit Institutions and Organizations without the need to amend their status.

5027 To adopt as a basis

The draft law stipulates provision of compensation for renting an accommodation for servicemen of common, sergeant and officer composition of military service under contract.

5640 To adopt as a basis

Dismissal from military service and removal of military personnel from the list of the AFU personnel due to their absence at the place of service without valid reasons for more than two months, which will facilitate the rapid filling of military position vacancies and the roundout of the AFU.

6052 To adopt as a basis

The draft law provides for the possibility of staying in military service for the military personnel members who have been injured, wounded or otherwise hurt while participating in hostilities; provides permission to enter military universities up to the age of 30 years old; it also addresses certain issues of financial support for the military personnel.

5364 To adopt in full

Introduction of a civilized system of vehicle parking based on European practices. The draft law establishes an effective mechanism for prosecution of violators of parking rules, introduces the system of photographic/video detection of parking offenses, minimizes the impact of the human factor and corruption in the payment for parking services.

2845 To adopt in full

The goal of this draft law is to promote production of safe and high-quality forage and animal products; to maintain and increase productivity of animals; to ensure production of high-quality forage safe for animals; to prevent any falsifications of forage, fodder additives, and premixes; and to harmonize the Ukrainian legislation with the EU laws.