Зберегти на комп'ютер

Proposals of the RPR Concerning the Agenda of the Plenary Week April 11-14, 2017

We would like to address the parliamentary majority and the President with a demand to immediately select and appoint a new composition of the Centeral Election Commission, recruiting professionals with impeccable reputation.

6011 To adopt as a basis

The draft law provides for establishment of the system of independent anticorruption courts and for a special transparent selection procedure for their judges with participation of international partners of Ukraine. This draft law is one of Ukraine’s commitments within the framework of the IMF programs. The RPR recommends to adopt it in the first reading, with a subsequent consideration of MPs’ proposals.

4901 To adopt in full

The goal of the draft law is to insure legal regulation and formation of legal, economic, and organizational principles of provision of commercial and distributive metering in the field of public utilities.To this end, the draft law determines: – terms and conditions of introduction of commercial and distributive metering of thermal energy, hot and drinking water; – sources of financing installation, maintenance and replacement works; – level of responsibility for the violation of legislation in the sphere of commercial metering.

4493 To adopt in full

This draft law is proposed in order to provide a reliable and secure supply of electricity to consumers. In the interests of consumers, the draft law minimizes the cost of electricity supplying services by establishing, in law, the principles and organizational structure of the electricity market. These basic principles are prerequisites for its reform.

2489 To adopt in full

The draft law is developed with the aim to establish a new legal and institutional framework for service in the local self-government bodies as a professional and politically impartial activity. The draft law envisages creation of legal preconditions for: 1) enhancing prestige of service in local self-government bodies; 2) settlement of the status of an employee at the local self-government institutions; 3) equal access to service in local self-government bodies solely on the basis of merit.

4526-д To adopt as a basis

The draft law was developed to implement the requirements of the Law of Ukraine of 10.12.2015 No.889-VIII “On civil service” and to harmonize the legislative acts regarding the Cabinet of Ministers and the central executive bodies with this Law. In particular, it concerns defining the functions of state secretaries, and delineation the functions, tasks and responsibilities of a minister, his deputies and state secretaries.

6048 To adopt as a basis

The draft law allows the local self-government bodies in cooperation with NGOs to establish youth centers responsible for information and resource support and interaction between the governmental agencies, institutions, NGOs, and charitable organizations with the purpose of implementation of the youth policy. The draft law provides an opportunity to bring the youth activities in line with the recommendations of the Council of Europe for Ukraine and to strengthen the participation of youth in the reform of decentralization of power according to the principles of the European Charter on the Participation of Young People in Local and Regional Life.

2009а-д To adopt in full

The draft law creates legal and institutional framework for environmental impact assessment and enforcement of international obligations of Ukraine concerning public participation in decision-making for ecologically important issues by introducing procedures for environmental impact assessment, which take into account the requirements of the Aarhus Convention and the Espoo Convention, implemented in the national legislation by the provisions of Directive 2003/4/EC and 2011/92/EC (codification).