Зберегти на комп'ютер

Proposals of the RPR Concerning the Agenda of the Plenary Week December 05-08, 2017

To cancel electronic declaration for civil society activists by adopting either draft law No.3271, proposed by MPs, or President’s draft law No.6674 by the end of the year (providing that discrimination provisions are removed).

To secure full financing of the National Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company of Ukraine in the State Budget-2018 at the level guaranteed by the law (1.54 billion UAH).

To reject draft law No.7206 that creates prerequisites for corruption in public procurement, destroys competition and contradicts Ukraine’s international obligations.

Reject the draft law No. 4835-d, which proposes establishing an economic incentive in the form of a “green tariff” for waste incineration, which does not correspond to EU Directives in this area.

7276 To adopt in full

The draft law will allow the NACP to receive direct automatic access to registers and databases, necessary to conduct automatic verification of information specified in e-declarations. The draft law is aimed to improve effectiveness of the NACP work.

4773 To adopt in full

The draft law amends several articles of the Budget Code of Ukraine. It is proposed to formalize in the Budget Code of Ukraine that territorial communities amalgamated in accordance with the Law and considered as capable also have the right to make a transition to direct transfers from the state budget, similarly to the cities of regional significance, district budgets and budgets of communities amalgamated under the Prospective plan.

6109 To adopt in full

The draft law proposes to provide both male and female sexes with equal opportunities while concluding a contract on military service. The principle under which women undergo military service on equal terms with men is enshrined, including equal access to positions and military ranks, as well as an equal responsibility.

6689 To adopt in full

The draft law aims at increasing the level of social protection of foreigners or stateless persons who undergo a military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine; introducing an equal one-time financial payments for all of the military servants in the Armed Forces in case of death, disability or partial disability without having to define particular type of disability.

5027 To adopt in full

The draft law stipulates provision of compensation for renting an accommodation for servicemen of common, sergeant and officer composition of military service under contract.

6229 To adopt as a basis

The draft law is designed to provide the public with access to full and objective information about the payments of the business entities engaged in the extractive industries in favor of payees, creating conditions for a socially responsible use of the minerals of national importance by such entities.