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Proposals of the RPR Concerning the Agenda of the Plenary Week September 05-08, 2017

To promptly consider the package of draft laws on pension reform (No.6614, 6615, 6616 and 6617) in parliamentary committees with the purpose to prepare them to the second reading

6327 To adopt in full

The draft law is aimed at creating an effective mechanism of financing provision of medical services and medicines through the state budget to ensure the preservation and restoration of public health in Ukraine. Within the state guaranteed package, the state will guarantee the full payment for the necessary medical services and medicines at the emergency, palliative and primary level, and partly on the secondary (specialized) and tertiary (highly specialized) level at the expense of state collective health insurance.

3491-д To adopt in full

This Framework Law regulates social relations arising in the implementation of the constitutional rights to education. It oversees the rights and obligations of natural and legal persons involved in the implementation of the law, and defines the powers of state bodies and local self-government in education.

6604 To adopt in full

The proposed changes will expand the range of expenditures that can be financed from the state budget to include funding for a new program of primary, secondary (specialized) and tertiary (highly specialized) health care, government public health programs and measures to overcome the threats and consequences of emergency situations that may have a negative impact on public health (epidemics, outbreaks of infectious diseases, etc.).

4685 To adopt in full

Adoption of the law will help to create conditions for the development and operation of the sphere of electronic trust services; to ensure free flow of electronic trust services in Ukraine, as well as the possibility of free access to electronic trust services of the providers of electronic trust services operating abroad; to enhance public confidence in electronic services, including cross-border ones; to guarantee equal opportunities of access to electronic trust services, in particular, for the persons with disabilities.

6466 To adopt as a basis

According to the Methodology of formation of capable territorial communities, it is the capable towns of regional significance that are potential administrative centers. Draft law No. 6466 allows territorial communities to join the towns of regional significance without holding the first election across its entire territory.

4773 To adopt in full

The draft law amends several articles of the Budget Code of Ukraine. It is proposed to formalize in the Budget Code of Ukraine that territorial communities amalgamated in accordance with the Law and considered as capable also have the right to make a transition to direct transfers from the state budget, similarly to the cities of regional significance, district budgets and budgets of communities amalgamated under the Prospective plan.

6106 To adopt in full

Setting the scope and the procedure of strategic environmental assessment mechanism for cross-border consultations, informing about the decision adopted and monitoring the impact of implementation of the state planning document on the environment.

6229 To adopt as a basis

The draft law is designed to provide the public with access to full and objective information about the payments of the business entities engaged in the extractive industries in favor of payees, creating conditions for a socially responsible use of the minerals of national importance by such entities.